Order Directions and 15% OFF ENDS TODAY SHOWS IN CART

Order Directions and 15% OFF ENDS TODAYSHOWS IN CART
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About Vitamins Because

We are a Floridian Family that has Ancestry that goes back to 1827 in North Tampa, and where still here.

We are an in House Family Manufacture, Focused on , Dietary Supplements, Herbals, around a 1000 products in that segment.

We have manufactured For, Large and Small Physical, Online, Amazon, Ebay Stores. We are proud that we manufacture for MD’s, ND’s, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and various Phd’s, businesses, practices and clinics. Including Our Family owned, ND, Acupuncture Practices and  Physical, Online Stores. It’s a Family Tradition.

We have been providing these services to you for around 20 years,


30 years ago are Family opened their first Naturopathy Clinic.

25 Years ago we Opened are first Vitamin Store.

20 Years ago we opened are first Manufacture Facility.

Our Family tradition is to Serve you with the highest of our abilities, in order to Support Your Health for the Next 20 years.

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